Last year, PRIDE Industries purchased and began using the Assure™ Series X-Ray Component Counter from Nordson. According to Mike Douglas, General Manager for PRIDE Industries Electronics Manufacturing Services:

The Assure™ Series X-Ray Component Counter provides many tangible benefits for us, including increased throughput, improved inventory accuracy, reduction in production downtime, and most importantly, simplification of the process—all allowing us to better serve our mission.


The machine is designed to replace a manual process by which an operator would physically count each integrated circuit (IC) using a reel-to-reel counter. Now, operators are able to take an X-ray image of a reel of ICs, providing an accurate count within seconds.

Another advantage of the Assure™ Series X-Ray Component Counter is its intuitive interface, which allows for seamless operation by a diversely-abled workforce. Moreover, by safeguarding inventory integrity and parts availability, Nordson’s machine ensures the continuity of supply for downstream processes.


Nordson developed the Assure™ Series X-Ray Component Counter to enable manufacturers to increase productivity and minimize component shortage downtime. Specifically, this machine boasts the following features:


Intelligent Algorithms
Specialized logical algorithms and self-learning capabilities empower operators to add (not teach) new component types–eliminating both the need for cumbersome libraries (that require programming) and reliance on “cloud-only” support.


Simplicity of Design
One-button operation and an intuitive touchscreen interface mean users can learn to operate the Assure™ Series X-Ray Component Counter within minutes. Installation is easy, as the machine has an exceptionally small footprint and system weight. Maintenance-free operation minimizes disruption during day-to-day use.


Fast Counting

The Assure™ Series X-Ray Component Counter is optimized for speed, so users can process inventory sooner while minimizing labor time and cost. The machine can count a single reel in approximately 10 seconds, and four reels in under 15 seconds. 


Reliable Results
The Assure™ Series X-Ray Component Counter validates results immediately and automatically, with a typical accuracy that exceeds 99.9%, guaranteeing the quality of the count.


At PRIDE Industries, the  Assure™ Series X-Ray Component Counter is used to inspect the inbound integrity of parts received prior to putting the parts into stock. The company utilizes the tool’s comprehensive capabilities to ensure date and inventory accuracy for customers in multiple industries, including automotive, environmental, agricultural, educational services, medical device manufacturing, aerospace, and many more.


According to Mike Douglas of PRIDE Industries:

We also use the Assure™ Series X-Ray Component Counter to proactively detect shrinkage, so that our robust planning systems can ensure continuity of supply to meet the needs of our customers. With the tool’s ability to integrate directly into our ERP, we can proactively mitigate shortages by having real-time accurate inventory data—enabling us to provide top-notch delivery and execution.

PRIDE Industries’ workforce—60% comprised of people with a disclosed disability—count, package, and ship thousands of items every day. So, it was imperative to have a machine that consistently delivered accurate data, while being easily operated by people with diverse abilities.


Nordson’s Assure™ Series X-Ray Component Counter meets these requirements and more. All told, it has been a great asset to PRIDE Industries’ customers.

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