With motivation and drive, as well as the support of on-the-job training programs, John Miller Madrid rapidly built his career. Soon after graduating from high school, he started working as an Associate at Amazon’s Sort Center in San Bernardino, CA. “Before starting my job, I worked with my uncle in his mechanic shop, helping fix cars and cleaning the shop,” said John. “I enjoyed working with cars and started considering commercial driving as a career field.”


John desired to grow in his role at Amazon while working toward his goal of earning a CDL. To this end, John sought on-the-job training and support from PRIDE Industries. Ultimately, the support helped him succeed while making the workplace accessible in light of his learning disability.

After the Hire: On-the-Job Training Programs for Long-Term Success

As an Alternative Workforce Supplier for Amazon, PRIDE Industries partners with the California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR). In this role, PRIDE places referred candidates with disabilities into warehouse associate positions across California. To ensure success, PRIDE’s team of job coaches provides training, encouragement, and career advice.


John began working at the Amazon Sort Center in San Bernardino, CA. There, he categorized customer orders by their destination in the Southern California region. Next, he consolidated the orders onto trucks for rapid delivery. This incredibly fast-paced job requires accuracy and attention to detail.


“From the beginning, PRIDE’s staff provided beneficial training, and their on-site assistance gave me reassurance that someone was always there to help me,” said John. “I have auditory processing disorder (a learning disability that impacts the brain’s ability to filter and interpret sounds), which can make listening difficult. With their help, I learned quickly, and soon my managers knew that they could rely on me.”


John quickly proved his skills and earned a promotion. He then began to work with inbound and outbound delivery. Notably, his manager nominated him for the Top Performer Award in 2018 for hard work and willingness to help his team.

From Training to Moving Ahead

Meanwhile, John didn’t forget about his love of cars and his ultimate career goal.


“John had originally expressed an interest in working with vehicles, and we encouraged him to work towards a commercial driving position,” said PRIDE Employment Relationship Coordinator Mayra De Alba-Cajas. “The perfect opportunity appeared in 2019 when John applied and was hired for a Yard Hostler position due to his excellent performance record.” (A yard hostler directs vehicles at parking or docking areas to move, position, or park trucks or trailers.) 


During hostler training, John worked in the yard shack to supervise night shift trucks. After completing his training, he took responsibility for organizing semi-trailers in the yard. 


In 2019, funded by Amazon, John earned his CDL and began working as a truck driver with C.R. England. He thanked Amazon and PRIDE Industries for helping him reach his career goals. 

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John Miller Madrid
John Miller Madrid

”Working at Amazon has changed my life. I have developed a career track and improved my communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills.”

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