National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) is an annual campaign that takes place in October. NDEAM aims to promote workplace inclusion by increasing awareness about the challenges and contributions of workers with disabilities. 2018’s theme is “America’s Workforce: Empowering All.”


In honor of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, we invite your business to consider partnering with PRIDE Industries. We will pair you with dedicated, qualified employees who enjoy being productive and making a contribution to their community while excelling in their position.

Employment Programs to Promote Inclusion at Work

People with disabilities often face significant barriers to employment. These barriers result in lower rates of participation in the labor force and higher unemployment rates compared to non-disabled workers. Yet when they are able to find fulfilling work, they perform well and tend to have a high retention rate.


Employment is essential to an individual’s sense of purpose, dignity, inclusion and economic growth, ultimately resulting in a happier life. With a history spanning over 50 years, PRIDE Industries is one of the largest employers of people with disabilities nationwide. We focus on abilities rather than disabilities, and our inclusive programs and services help individuals overcome obstacles to employment. We also provide opportunities at all skill levels to help candidates from all walks of life  achieve their definition of success and self-sufficiency.


By partnering with PRIDE Industries, your business can leverage our person-centered services including assessments, job skills development, training, placement, transportation, and ongoing support to ensure long-term employment success and inclusion at work. PRIDE places people in its business lines and provides support to individuals in community-based opportunities.

Workplace inclusion benefits all

When inclusion at work becomes a goal for your business, everyone wins. Learn more about the many ways you can work with PRIDE Industries to build an inclusive workplace, expand your staff, and create jobs for people with disabilities.
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