One of the hardest jobs is looking for a new one. Filling out applications, checking out new positions, and networking take a significant amount of time and effort. This process can be especially challenging for individuals with disabilities. PRIDE Industries offers employment services to help applicants with every step of the job search process, providing support, resources, and training for first-time job seekers and experienced workers alike.

Help with the Toughest Parts of Job Searching

Despite being an experienced janitorial professional, David Driggs had trouble finding a new position while between jobs. A local nonprofit referred him to PRIDE Industries’ Sacramento, CA Employment Services, for support.


PRIDE Industries’ Employment Services in the Sacramento Region partners with community businesses to find jobs for individuals with disabilities. During the intake process, Job Developers learn about the participant’s interests, capabilities, and challenges, and work to build their confidence. PRIDE Job Developer Caryl Balko paired with David, and they practiced interviewing and fine-tuned his resume as his job search continued.


“The hardest part of the job search was keeping up my perseverance,” said David. “I’m a positive person, but it was often hard keeping my hopes up in such a competitive job market. I have hearing loss and a learning disability; sometimes, I learn at a slightly slower speed, but this has never interfered with my ability to work.”

Job Club: For Support and Learning During the Search

A part of the program is Job Club, where participants meet weekly to learn how to make a great first impression, practice interviewing, and explore career fields. “I met a lot of friends in Job Club,” said David. “It was always interesting to learn about everyone’s career interests and to practice interview skills in a relaxing environment. It was sometimes festive, we had a Christmas party and potluck! Most importantly, we learned what it takes to get a job.”



All of David’s hard work and persistence paid off after six months when he was hired as a Janitor at Cintas Uniform Supply in February 2019, a uniform rental and delivery company in Sacramento, CA. Cintas is a partner of PRIDE’s Employment Services Program and has hired several individuals with disabilities.



“It felt so good when I got the news that I was hired; I’ve since become a morning person!” David now starts his day bright and early at 4:30 AM, cleaning the restrooms, emptying trash, cleaning the cafeteria and cleaning counters and microwaves.

Reaching Milestones with Support from PRIDE’s Employment Services​

With the help of a PRIDE Job Coach and additional training by Cintas, David has excelled in his position. “I believe that happiness spreads easily, and I love going to work,” said David. “Every day, I’m always there with a smile. Around Cintas, I’m known for my change collection, especially lucky pennies.”


“David comes to work happy every day,” said Cintas HR Manager Jessica Armijo. “His energy gets the rest of the team motivated as well.” Due to his excellent work record, David received the Golden Broom Award, which involved recognition from management, along with a reward and polo shirt.


After receiving a performance raise in June, David was able to reach a significant milestone by moving into his own apartment. “With the paycheck from my job, I finally got to move out of my mom’s place and have earned more independence. I now look forward to continuing my career at Cintas, I feel like a valued member of their team.”


Find out how PRIDE Industries Employment Services can provide you with job search help and support, or apply for a job with PRIDE Industries today. 

Are you a veteran?

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David Driggs
David Driggs

“With the paycheck from my job, I finally got to move out of my mom’s place and have earned more independence. I now look forward to continuing my career at Cintas, I feel like a valued member of their team.”

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