Lotus Foods: A Packing and Shipping Solution

Lotus Foods: A Packing and Shipping Solution

Rice is one of the most reliable and versatile food staples grown across the planet. Lotus Foods creates relationships with farmers worldwide to provide consumers with the highest quality heirloom, organic rice, rice noodles, and rice snacks, all while supporting producers and promoting organic agriculture and rice biodiversity.

Packing and Shipping Services for Lotus Foods

Last winter, PRIDE Industries began co-packaging Lotus Foods’ rice and ramen products and shipping stocked displays to Costco stores nationwide. PRIDE’s packing and shipping teams specialize in pre-loaded club-store and retail displays which are packaged and palletized to meet the clients’ specific needs, providing point-to-point shipping for immediate use on the retail floor.


The partnership between PRIDE and Lotus Foods created kitting and fulfillment job opportunities for nearly 85 individuals with disabilities.


PRIDE Industries’ packing and shipping services team is honored to be a part of Lotus Foods’ mission to change how rice is grown around the world. B Lab, a Certified Benefit Corporation, believes that by pursuing smart product innovation, better-growing practices, and delicious whole grain heirloom rice varieties they will lessen environmental impact, improve nutrition for consumers and create a more social and economic justice for small farmers. Lotus Foods products support farmers, empower women and lessen climate impact.


When you partner with PRIDE Industries and allow our highly trained teams to assist with packing and shipping services and other kitting and fulfillment solutions, you are helping provide jobs for people facing barriers to employment, and joining a wider net of ethically minded employers.  

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