When triathlete, ultra-marathoner, and best-selling author Sal Edwards wanted to reshore assembly and packaging services for their latest business endeavor, s/he immediately thought of PRIDE Industries.


Heart Zones, founded by Edwards in 1994, is a pioneer in the field of science-based heart rate training programs and devices. Among these devices is the Blink Armband, a lightweight heart rate monitor that converts data into individualized, actionable exercise prescriptions. To get this product to market quickly and reliably, Edwards was looking for a kitting and assembly partner s/he could count on, which is where PRIDE Industries comes in—again.


“Sal has a special place their heart—pun intended—for us,” said Tony Lopez, Vice President of Manufacturing and Logistics Services for PRIDE Industries. “Our relationship dates back 30 years, to when s/he was the cofounder of Yuba Shoes—snowshoes we helped to build before, eventually, purchasing the business.”


You read that right. Back in 1990, having already created and grown Fleet Feet, a well-known Sacramento-area company, Edwards created their own brand of streamlined snowshoe. PRIDE Industries manufactured the shoes for five years and then bought the line outright. In fact, these snowshoes were the very first commercial product PRIDE Industries sold to the federal government—specifically to the Marines. Though, over time, external and internal factors led to a cessation of this business line, those who worked in it recall fondly that one pair of Yuba Shoes made it to the top of Everest.


And now, with a new focus to “get America fit through data driven fitness that uses wearable technology and sound methodology,” Edwards has again turned to PRIDE Industries.

Kitting and Assembly Services with a Positive Social Impact

“S/he’s wanted to reshore some of the manufacturing, kitting, and assembly services to the states,” said Lopez. “And s/he’s always resonated with our business model. So, we’ll be building the accessory kits for their armband—a strap, clasps, and connectors.”


And this isn’t just any wearable band.


Used by health clubs and in K-8 Physical Education programs, the Blink Armband and its accompanying software allow instructors to monitor student progress in real time—a feature that’s especially useful for distance-learning environments.


“Heart Zones generates between two and three million in sales, annually,” said Lopez. “We estimate this kitting and assembly contract will employ 10 PRIDE Industries employees with disabilities, and there’s a good chance that number could grow.”


If Edwards’ past success is any indication, Heart Zones will indeed continue to grow and positively impact the well-being of thousands of users. And PRIDE Industries will be the partner that helps make that happen.

So, here’s to health, heartfulness, and a renewed business relationship!

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