PRIDE Industries has provided the Los Angeles, CA County Internal Services Department (LA-ISD) with Environmental and Custodial services since February 2012. Initial responsibilities covered several city regions that encompass 265 county buildings and 7.2 million square feet, including the Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department, the Department of Public Social Services, health care facilities, courthouses, and probation facilities. PRIDE’s contract expanded to include 51 LA County Libraries, an additional 626,748 square feet.


To ensure the highest level of service for our customers, PRIDE utilizes a comprehensive Quality Control Plan; an essential part is the efforts of PRIDE’s employees to provide first-class customer service. This commitment was recently shown in March 2019, when PRIDE assisted the Wilmington Health Clinic in Los Angeles Region 4 to pass their DHS (Dept of Health Services) inspection with a 98% rate.


“The audit results are a significant accomplishment for the County of Los Angeles and PRIDE Industries, as well as a benefit to the Wilmington neighborhood,” said PRIDE’s Senior Regional Manager Jeremiah Goldberg. “These results become public record and affects the clinic’s financial standing and their ability to offer healthcare services to the community.”


The following is a comment from the LA-ISD customer:


 “All of us at the Department of Health Services, Wilmington Health Center, thank you Los Angeles County ISD and PRIDE Industries for taking part in preparing our clinic for the March 5, 2019 3-year Facility Site Review/Audits through LA Care Health Plan, which is the most comprehensive audit that we have for our outpatient sites.


“Happily, we announce that we scored 98% for the portion of our Facility Review.  We earned this score, in part due to the hard work performed by our PRIDE Day Porter, Gloria Diaz De Raya, and for the recent one-time custodial care work performed by PRIDE’s custodians.”


“Gloria Diaz De Raya is a perfect example of first-class service; she joined PRIDE 4 years ago and has continuously gone above and beyond in her work,” said Senior Regional Manager Jeremiah Goldberg. “Her assistance during the DHS audit is a testament to her dedication and exceptional work ethic. Our Region 4 floor technician teams also worked hard to conduct floor care throughout the entire facility and pressure wash the exterior of the building in preparation for the audit.”


“I also want to acknowledge PRIDE’s Custodial Supervisor Jose Gonzalez who was present at the audit to answer any questions. Everyone involved, including Custodial Manager Aldo Trejo, has done an incredible job strengthening our presence in Southern California.”

Need help with Inspection?

PRIDE Industries offers a full range of facility support services, competitively priced and designed to leverage state-of-the art products and techniques. Our CIMS-GB vendor certification has enabled our customers to achieve LEED Platinum ratings from the U.S. Green Building Council.

“Gloria Diaz De Raya is a perfect example of first-class service; she joined PRIDE 4 years ago and has continuously gone above and beyond in her work”

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