A Life-Changing Opportunity for Mental Health Recovery

In 2018, Saad’s life changed forever when he experienced a severe psychotic episode with intense paranoia. This episode landed him in the hospital, where staff diagnosed him with bipolar disorder, psychosis, stimulant use disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety. Despite the obstacles he faced, Saad decided to take this moment and dedicate himself to recovery.

Through perseverance and a determination to get his life on a more positive footing, Saad became sober and earned employment as a busser. However, he felt ready for a change and wanted a more stable career. In 2021, Saad got the support team that he needed when he joined our Mental Health Cooperative Program, which is part of PRIDE Industries’ Employment Services Department. From the start, Saad impressed everyone on his support team with his work ethic, and after undergoing a vocational assessment, he decided to pursue a career in pest control. Our staff was there to make this dream a reality.

Mental Health in the Workplace: How Employment Preparation Leads to a Career

At PRIDE Industries, we realize how important the role of employment is for emotional wellness. And we aren’t the only ones. According to a report by the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, a job raises self-esteem, improves financial stressors, and provides coping strategies for psychiatric symptoms.

This was certainly the case for Saad, as he takes pride in self-sufficiency and independence.

After his assessment, Saad took the initiative and researched the vocational requirements for his chosen field. He even interviewed pest control professionals. This hard work culminated in success when Saad earned a full-time position with a pest control company in 2022. Saad is now happily employed, and knows he can count on PRIDE Industries’ mental health cooperative team to provide any support or advocacy he may need.

“We are so proud of Saad and his commitment to achieving his dreams and maintaining his health,” said Georgia Bielz, Employment Services Manager at PRIDE Industries. “This really is just the beginning for him.”

“We are so proud of Saad and his commitment to achieving his dreams and maintaining his health.”

Saad, a mental health employment services coop participant, wearing a gray shirt.
Saad, a participant in our Mental Health Employment Services Cooperative Program
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