Professionalism. In business, we know it’s important—all the more when daily face-to-face interaction with customers is necessary. In fact, when it comes to commercial property cleaning, professionalism can make the difference between keeping and losing tenants and/or customers. But what, specifically, does commercial cleaning professionalism look like?

Turns out it’s pretty simple.

10 Characteristics of Commercial Cleaning Professionalism

Here are 10 characteristics of professional commercial property cleaning team:

  1. Shows up to work on time.
    Custodial staff members are where they should be when they should be. What this translates to is readiness. When the doors open, the building and its spaces will be ready to function for their particular purposes. All areas will be ready for tenants and customers to do business comfortably and efficiently. Throughout the day, a professional commercial property cleaning team will manage time efficiently.
  2. Is attired appropriately for the role.
    While it’s true that the post-pandemic dress code is more casual, customers still care how their business providers are dressed. In fact, studies conclude that dressing more formally for a role engenders trust and respect from others. Benefits abound for the wearer, too. More formal attire (including uniforms) has been strongly associated with enhanced big-picture, long-term-goal oriented thinking.
  3. Is courteous.
    In a nutshell, this means that they demonstrate regard and basic respect for others. Polite language— “please,” “thank you,” “excuse me”—goes a long way. Courtesy extends to nonverbal communication, too. From posture to smiling to the granting of personal space, what we do with our bodies speaks volumes.
  4. Is helpful.
    Professional custodial team members are willing to go the extra mile in order to satisfy customers. They anticipate potential concerns and are proactive in addressing them. For instance, PRIDE Industries custodial superstar at Sacramento Metropolitan Airport, Eric McCullough, regularly takes time to escort airport customers to where they need to be.
  5. Is accountable.
    We’ve all experienced the “it’s-not-my-job” employee. A professional property management organization works as a team across roles, if necessary, to accommodate the customer. They view the customer’s problem as theirs to solve. In short, they do not pass the buck.
  6. Takes pride in their work and in the “power of clean.”
    They understand that the building is an “ambassador” for its owner and for the businesses inside of it. Studies show that clean, tidy spaces boost the mental and physical health of occupants. A professional commercial property cleaning staff understands this. Moreover, they view their work’s quality as a reflection of their own work ethics.
  7. Is trustworthy.
    Custodial crews often are among the first in or out of a building, working without supervision and often in contact with occupants’ personal items. So, it’s imperative that they are honest. It’s also important that they are alert and aware, able to notify security when suspicious activity arises—especially during quieter operational hours.
  8. Is well trained for the environment.
    Not all buildings and their uses are created equally. For example, the California Health Care Facility mandates hospital-standard cleanliness to maintain licensure, so custodial staff must be trained in these specific protocols. Additionally, staff must understand the chemicals they are using and how to use them properly for their own and others’ safety.
  9. Ensures safety.
    The pandemic heightened public awareness and expectations about what constitutes safety—an evolution that is here to stay. Not only does a professional commercial property cleaning staff keep things clean, but it also keeps them safe. This means disinfection products and protocols and, where necessary, personal protective equipment (PPE). This also means that custodial staff make sure their equipment and chemicals aren’t positioned in a way that they could inadvertently pose a safety hazard to occupants.
  10. Is up to date with technology.
    Whether it’s garbage can sensors or robotic cleaning devices, technology has made its way into commercial property cleaning. As tech will only become more abundant in the custodial field, professionalism means that management knows when and where to implement it and provides training to this end.

Commercial Property Cleaning can be a Differentiator

As the hybrid work model continues to decrease tenant occupancy, property managers need every competitive edge to retain good tenants. The building next door may boast a koi pond, but will that matter to customers if they’re also met with grimy floors and disinterested cleaning staff? A commercial property cleaning staff that’s consistently professional will not only attract tenants, it will keep them.

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