Generous donations to The Michael Ziegler PRIDE Industries Foundation support vocational training, on-the-job coaching, and a host of other employment services for adults with disabilities. The important services provided by these donations put hundreds of individuals, like Javier, on the path to reaching their career goals.

Congratulations to Francisco “Javier” Guzman, who recently earned a well-deserved promotion to production lead trainer in our Electronics Department.

An avid gamer, Javier was excited to join the department this past fall, as the position aligns so well with his interests. After excelling in a production worker role—and receiving training and mentorship—Javier applied for the production lead trainer position and was subsequently hired.

Not only do the technical aspects of the job interest Javier, but he also appreciates the opportunity to mentor other employees of all abilities. “I have often seen that many people with disabilities undervalue their abilities,” said Javier. “I have a learning disability, but my belief in myself helped me to get where I am today. Everyone has something that they are good at.” 

After attending Yuba Community College, Javier joined PRIDE Industries in 2015 as a production worker. In the role, he helped on a variety of kitting and packaging projects for customers like HP. Leading up to this point, Javier—like many young adults—hadn’t had a clear idea on what he wanted to develop as a career. But that was to change quickly.

“As soon as I started with PRIDE Industries, I immediately felt welcome,” said Javier. “I loved the opportunity to work on different projects .” Like other PRIDE Industries employees, Javier was given career advancement and job coaching by our staff to help him explore different job options and provide the training to help him succeed.  

And succeed, he did. Which is why, as of January, Javier is now in a role that finds him leading and training others.

“I’m excited for my first position where I will be directly responsible for managing the outcomes and success of my team,” said Javier. “I want others to see that if they work hard enough, they can achieve their goals.”

We are fortunate to have an inclusive team of talented employees, like Javier, that contribute to our company’s success. 

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Javier Guzman stands on the PRIDE Industries production floor.

“I have a learning disability, but my belief in myself helped me to get where I am today. Everyone has something that they are good at.”

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