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Case Study:

VSP Vision

LEED Platinum Custodial Services for the Nation’s Largest Provider of Vision Benefits

VSP Vision is the largest U.S.-based provider of vision-care insurance, serving more than 90 million people worldwide. The company is also a leading purveyor of high-quality eyewear, including state-of-the-art lenses and lens enhancements.


In 2007, PRIDE Industries was selected to provide custodial services at VSP Vision headquarters in Rancho Cordova, California. Our CIMS-GB vendor certification qualified us to provide the green, sustainable cleaning services needed to achieve a LEED Platinum rating for VSP Vision’s headquarters—a rating that requires close partnership with a CIMS-GB service provider.

Then in 2015, VSP Vision needed a maintenance provider that could meet the stringent cleaning and safety standards of its 35,000-square-foot Ohio call center. Once again, VSP turned to a trusted partner with a proven track record—PRIDE Industries.


After accepting the Ohio call center contract, PRIDE Industries set to work designing and implementing a process that would enable the facility to pass CIMS-GB audits and meet VSP Vision’s meticulous standards for cleanliness and safety. To meet these ambitious goals, PRIDE Industries established service benchmarks modeled after the world-class custodial service it was already providing to VSP Vision’s California locations.

PRIDE Industries utilized a web-based contract management system to account for all tasks and meet the established benchmarks. In addition, we teamed with VSP Vision to conduct joint audits of completed work. This attention to detail, combined with our collaborative approach, enabled us to exceed VSP Vision’s expectations.

Services Provided

  • CIMS-GB green cleaning services for 12 buildings including office buildings, laboratories, and manufacturing facilities in California, as well as a VSP Vision call center in Ohio.
  • Elite CIMS-GB with Honors certification means services are delivered with a high level of expertise.
  • LEED Platinum-compliant cleaning
  • Third-party custodial consulting service
  • High-touch cleaning for VSP Vision’s technology equipment upgrades
  • PRIDEClean® products used for non-toxic cleaning and sanitization


  • VSP Vision earned a LEED Platinum designation for its headquarters in 2008.
  • At the time, only 77 buildings in the world, including 63 in the United States, had achieved this elite certification.
  • PRIDE Industries received a joint audit score of 99.48% in 2020.
  • In 2021, 56% of team members across all VSP Vision facilities served had a documented disability (up from 13% in 2013).
  • Four team members have been hired directly by VSP Vision to work in the laboratory facility.
  • VSP Vision renewed the contract in 2020 without seeking a competitive RFP.
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700,000 sq. ft.



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LEED Platinum

compliant cleaning

“The team at PRIDE Industries is incredibly responsive, reliable, dependable, trustworthy, and efficient—consistently meeting VSP’s high expectations for top-notch day-to-day cleanliness of our campus. You can see that the PRIDE Industries employees have a clear purpose and passion for what they do.”

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