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Granite Data Solutions

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GDS expands its social mission and its business, with the help of PRIDE Industries.

Established in January of 2000, Granite Data Solutions (GDS) is a California Certified Disabled Veteran Owned Enterprise (DVBE) specializing in Client Lifecycle Management with a focus on serving state and local government entities, as well as education-related organizations.


Driven by the same mission to create job opportunities for veterans and people with disabilities, GDS partnered with PRIDE Industries for assembly and kitting in 2012. PRIDE Industries has since supported the business through its outgrowth of two buildings. Then, in 2018, when GDS expanded further and needed on-site packaging and shipping support, they turned again to a provider they knew they could count on.


After an evaluation, five work groups, composed of 15 employees with disabilities, were created to handle GDS’s IT-related deployment and depot-style service projects. For every work group hired by GDS, PRIDE Industries provided a work group trainer to help employees with developmental disabilities learn and succeed in their jobs.

With consulting help, GDS earned its Processed Food Registration (PFR) certification from the California Department of Health in October 2018. Instruction and training involved implementing safety, quality, and fulfillment guidelines—including proper food handling procedures, allergen separation, shipping, receiving, and lot code tracking. In addition, PRIDE Industries helped GDS develop its pricing and shop rate. Production lines, using lean manufacturing methods, were also created.

With GDS’s new food processing business plan implemented, work groups now help run up to four food-packing lines and handle shipping for four new customers.

Services Provided

  • Kitting and assembly
  • Pricing and shop rate development
  • Assistance in running up to four food packaging lines
  • Implementation of safety, quality, and fulfillment guidelines
  • Shipping, receiving, and lot code tracking
  • Creation of production lines using lean manufacturing methods


  • Continued annual expansion
  • Processed Food Registration (PFR) certification
  • Four new business accounts acquired
  • Over 7,000 pallets per year
  • 24 truckloads per month
  • Expansion of mission of providing job assistance and training to people with disabilities.
  • Hiring of PRIDE Industries-trained individuals with developmental disabilities for its permanent staff
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individuals with developmental disabilities

years of business partnership
pallets shipped per year
work groups of individuals with disabilities

“It’s been amazing to see what PRIDE Industries and GDS have been able to achieve in such a short amount of time. We’re excited to see what our partnership will bring in the future.”

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