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Fort Johnson

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Keeping an Important Army Installation in Top Shape

Since 2009, PRIDE Industries has provided Base Operating Support Services to Fort Johnson (formerly Fort Polk) and the Joint Readiness Training center (JRTC). We manage 2,243 buildings, over 1,000 miles of roads, and more than 238,000 acres of land at this Vernon Parish, Louisiana site. To deliver these crucial services, PRIDE Industries relies on an inclusive workforce that includes many people with disabilities—an employee group with proven high retention rates and low employee turnover.


Fort Johnson features modern barracks, comfortable on-post housing, bustling offices, and sophisticated service facilities—all of which require regular maintenance. In addition, Fort Johnson contains an entire mock town where soldiers practice fighting. As a result, the town’s features must be constantly rebuilt. Because of Fort Johnson’s location, it is also subject to occasional hurricane damage and freeze events—necessitating rapid recovery protocols. The fort also requires regular upgrades, like the stone path we built that leads from the barracks to the commissary. In addition to original construction projects like the path, PRIDE Industries provides repair, cleanup, and rebuilding services. These services keep the buildings and grounds of Fort Johnson in peak condition, ensuring the health and comfort of the 8,000 soldiers and 13,000 family members who call Fort Johnson home.


Starting in 2009, PRIDE Industries’ inclusive workforce has provided all of the following solutions in a timely, cost-effective manner:

  • Servicing of paved and unpaved surfaces
  • Implementation of facility improvement strategies and procedures
  • Ongoing reconstruction of all doors, windows, and plywood that get damaged during fighting practice
  • Rapid recovery from hurricanes and major freeze events
  • Building the morale-increasing Geronimo trail, linking barracks to commissary
  • Providing consistency with a workforce that boasts high retention rates and low turnover
  • Down-time minimization

Services Provided

  • Building management
  • Paved surfaced area maintenance
  • Grounds and landscaping
  • Servicing unpaved roads, bridges, ranges, and railroads
  • Range support maintenance and repair
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Facilities improvement
  • Minor construction
  • Hurricane and storm recovery
  • Freeze event recovery


  • 145 local residents employed
  • 70 persons with disabilities employed
  • 13 military veterans employed
  • PRIDE Industries is consistently highly praised in Contractor Performance Assessment Reports
  • Based on previous performance, PRIDE Industries was awarded a significant modification to the contract in 2016
  • 8K troops and 13K family members supported



buildings managed


miles of roads maintained


acres of land maintained


employees with disabilities

"PRIDE Industries’ unwavering support during all three storms was invaluable. Their ability to listen to and anticipate the Government’s requirements have allowed them to offer sound and timely solutions to several complex problems."

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