Mission, Vision, Values

What We Stand For

Inclusion – We believe that all people have talent, and that when people of all abilities know they are respected and have an opportunity to contribute, they can reach their full potential.

Social Impact – As a social enterprise, we strengthen communities, families, and businesses to create positive social impact. Our mission drives us to normalize the inclusion of people with disabilities and to eliminate ableism in the workplace.

Respect – PRIDE Industries was founded in the belief that each person deserves care and recognition for their unique abilities, needs, and contributions. Respect for one another is the bedrock of our company culture and business practices.

Innovation – Visionary thinking is our legacy. We dedicate ourselves to bringing new solutions to our business customers. Our entrepreneurial spirit takes the lead in PRIDE Industries’ mission imperative, in breaking new ground in talent development and employment creation, and in delivering performance excellence to our business partners worldwide.


Mission Statement

To create employment for people with disabilities.

Vision Statement

An inclusive world where people of all abilities have equal access to achieve their employment goals.