PRIDE in El Paso

In each of its markets, PRIDE Industries strives to be a valued and contributing member of the community. In El Paso, PRIDE Industries employs more than 340 individuals, including 178 employees with disabilities, on our Directorate of Public Works contract performing base wide facilities services at Fort Bliss. 

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PRIDE works in partnership with state agencies, other local nonprofits and the business community we help local individuals with disabilities overcome employment challenges and open new doors of opportunity. Our collaboration with local organizations such as the Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Texas Department of Rehabilitative Services (DARS) enables us to develop successful partnerships and programs that enhance the lives of El Pasoans living with disabilities.

In 2010, PRIDE received the Texas Governer's Annual Employer Award in the nonprofit category. The award highlights the efforts of employers to hire and retain employees with disabilities, and to recognize best practices that positively affect employees with disabilities within the workplace. The Texas Department of Rehabilitative Services (DARS) also named PRIDE Industries “Business of the Year,” for its innovative approach to job development and its dedication to collaboration with DARS in order to support individuals with disabilities in job placement, career development and retention.

As an employer, a taxpayer, a contractor and a nonprofit organization in the region, PRIDE strives to positively impact the El Paso community by:
• Supporting more than 375 vendors and sub-contractors
• Contributing more than $13 million in payroll annually, supporting local individuals, families and contributing to the local economy

PRIDE is committed to continually strengthening its relationship with the El Paso community. Look for us at job and career fairs, at chamber events, and working with local colleges and schools.

We are also pleased to highlight the PRIDE Industries Training Facility at Ft.Bliss. The training center is designed to offer hands-on, experiential learning in various facilities maintenance trades to PRIDE’s employees working at Ft. Bliss, Texas.  The facility is an open architecture building-within-a-building on the base. It provides concentrated skills training in light carpentry, carpentry, electrical and plumbing skills. Training is available to all new and existing employees, providing opportunity for growth and career advancement.  In a true show of camaraderie and team spirit, the center was created by an all-volunteer team of PRIDE employees who will be formerly recognized for their contributions in a ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday, May 5, 2010.

The facility is dedicated in honor of Steve Cener – a former PRIDE employee with disabilities who worked at Ft. Bliss in 2007-2008. A dedicated employee, Steve passed away in 2008, but not without leaving a significant impression on his supervisors, peers and PRIDE’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Michael Ziegler, to whom he wrote these words…”I wanted to thank you all for the change to live again…lately I have had no life, no job and no friends.  So thank you for giving me the reason to live and hold my head up with pride.”