Important Work and Day Program Update (Fairfield)


May 19, 2020


Dear Employees/Participants Receiving Services and Families,

As we navigate through these uncertain times, we are finding that the proposed re-start of our services continues to be pushed out to align with state and county guidance. PRIDE is committed to providing a safe and healthy place for our employees and individuals receiving services. We miss you all and are so disappointed to share that we will not be able to re-start Work and Day Programs on Tuesday, May 26, 2020.

PRIDE is working with our local regional centers and leadership on an incremental approach to the safe re-start of services over the coming weeks. The proposed new return-to-program dates will begin with the first phase of incremental re-start of the work activity program beginning July 6, second phase will be the incremental re-start of our Behavior Support Program in mid-July 2020. Your case manager will be working with you, your family, and your service coordinator to provide more information on return-to-program that will be specific to your service and needs.

Again, we understand that you are anxious for services to begin, and we are anxious for you to all return. Our top priority is to keep everyone safe and healthy, and we continue to stay positive that soon it will be safe to be together.

Luckily, the remote services are going well, and the feedback has been positive. It’s a joy to see everyone on Zoom and connect using Facebook. If you have any ideas related to remote services, please share them with your case manager.

As a reminder, here are the important help resources available to you:

• If you have questions about unemployment or social security benefits, contact our PRIDE Helpline at (877) 242-4928.

• You may also contact your case manager for assistance and support. To view a list of all case managers and their contact information, visit

• To the extent possible, PRIDE case managers will continue to stay connected with you to provide updates on our services. We’ll communicate via remote electronic communications, such as Zoom, Facebook Live, video conference, or telephone conference.

• Of course, you may also contact me at (916) 813-4337 or, or Rehabilitation Compliance Manager Dawn Horwath at (530) 308-3589 (work), (530) 648-4047 (cell) or, with any questions or concerns.

It’s important that we keep our spirits up and maintain a positive attitude. We have all done our part to overcome these difficult times and just remember this situation will not last forever.

We are grateful to work with you. Stay well.


Vic Wursten
Chief Rehabilitation Officer
PRIDE Industries