Inclusive Talent Solutions

PRIDE Industries’ Inclusive Talent Solutions is your partner in hiring talented and motivated employees with disabilities. We offer direct temp-to-perm, and outsourced workforce hiring solutions. PRIDE not only provides the talent, but we train, coach, and support them for ongoing success through our unique process honed over 50 years of experience.

Great for the Community, Great for Business

The current trade skills gap may leave an estimated 2.4 million positions unfilled between 2018 and 2028. Leverage the disability workforce to fill this gap with trained, dedicated employees.

  • Untapped Resource – People with disabilities are too often overlooked, with high numbers of unemployment and underemployment. When employed, they are loyal employees with high retention rates and low absenteeism.
  • Flexibility – Employees are adaptable and willing to work a variety of work schedules.
  • Tax Incentives – Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) are available for hiring individuals with disabilities, including veterans.
  • Guaranteed Productivity & Safety – We guarantee 90-day performance results.
  • ESG Rating – Investors increasingly consider a company’s ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) score when making investment decisions. A partnership with PRIDE boosts your company’s score.
  • Build Loyalty – Customers and employees alike are proud to support companies making a positive impact in their communities.  
  • A New Customer Segment – The total after-tax disposable income for working-age people with disabilities is about $490 billion. Tap into a market segment eager to support those who support them.

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Services & Capabilities

Over 50+ years, PRIDE has perfected our Inclusive Workforce Empowerment training method that enables people with disabilities to compete with the quality and productivity of the general labor force.

PRIDE provides your team with a complete solution of workforce planning, internal training tools, and regulatory compliance support for long-term program success, including:

  • Recruitment​
  • Consulting​
  • Certifications​
  • Talent Sourcing

Ensuring the right talent match

People with disabilities get on-the-job support and ongoing training through PRIDE, including:

  • Assessments 
  • Training 
  • Job Coaching 
  • Transportation Planning 
  •  Internships

An Inclusive & Empowered Workforce

“When you have a more inclusive workplace, you also have better profit margins, and happier, more productive employees” – Matt Anderson

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