Inclusion Success Program

Inclusive Workplace Programs Lead to Business Success

Stronger together. It’s natural to gravitate to people like ourselves. But inclusive and diverse workforces strengthen businesses, build brand loyalty, and attract a broader base of customers. PRIDE Industries can help you pave the way for a culture of inclusivity with proven resources, training and tools. PRIDE Industries’ Inclusion Success courses help individuals of all abilities realize their potential and contribute to the workplace and their communities while helping your organization achieve its social responsibility and bottom-line goals.

Choose from PRIDE Industries’ training options based on your organization’s needs, team size, and make-up. Discover group training, hands-on, or self-paced e-learning. Choose long-format training, or a short huddle format where the focus is on one or two points for quick and easy delivery. PRIDE Industries provides training to raise awareness and skills for individual employees as well as training for company leaders and front-line managers on how to build a supportive and inclusive work environment for people of all abilities.

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Creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace is an ongoing process; hiring diverse talent is just the beginning. For long term success, cultivate a welcoming and supportive corporate environment that model inclusivity. A workplace that values everyone increases retention of all employees. Explore our library of courses and begin your journey to a more inclusive workplace today.

Become Certified as Inclusion Champions

Signal your commitment to others. Adopt a company-wide program to educate and train employees, supervisors, and leadership to grow awareness and understanding, and to champion an inclusive workplace. Be recognized and certified as an Inclusion Champion. Begin your journey to an inclusive workforce and business excellence today.

Partner With PRIDE Industries

Studies show that inclusive work environments help businesses outperform their competition, building brand loyalty while making a positive community impact. PRIDE Industries trains, coaches, and supports our employees with disabilities for on-going success. Let us help you do the same. Explore our library of courses.

Get started on your journey to creating a more inclusive workplace.