Reopening and Returning to Work After COVID-19


May 7, 2020



As you may have heard, our country is in the process of easing shelter-in-place restrictions and reopening parts of our economy. PRIDE’s leadership team is planning and preparing to reopen worksites that have been closed and returning employees to work who have been working from home in conjunction with county and state requirements. We have a team of HR, Safety and Operations employees who in the coming days will be drafting a detailed plan on how this will be accomplished along with developing answers to frequently asked questions. Employees who have “high risk health conditions” and employees who have children home due to school closures will have the opportunity to work with their HR representative to address these types of concerns as well as any other issues before returning to work.

While we prepare to reopen worksites and return to work, I want to again remind everyone to continue practicing social distancing and good hygiene both at home and at work. We anticipate that as the country reopens, new guidelines on how we will operate will become part of our daily routine. Getting our employees back to work is a priority, however, we want to do so safely. We will rely on health experts to provide us with guidelines on how this can be accomplished.

For any PRIDE employee who may need assistance during this difficult time, we encourage you to contact your local HR representative or visit PRIDE’s website or Employee Portal for information and available resources that can help. We are here to support you and your families.

Details on reopening PRIDE worksites and returning to work will be forthcoming. In the meantime, thank you for your patience and support. Together we will get through this challenging time.

For PRIDE’s latest updates related to the (COVID-19) emergency, please visit You may also submit a question to PRIDE’s President Jeff Dern on this web page.

PRIDE’s EAP can be reached at Magellan Healthcare (800) 424-4485.
The Magellan Crisis Communications site also has tip sheets and links to preparedness resources.

PRIDE Human Resources team can be reached during business hours at (800) 550-6005.