PRIDE and the Los Angeles Air Force Base Gas Station


PRIDE Industries has been working with the Los Angeles Air Force Base (LAAFB) since 2007, providing facilities operations and maintenance services for the entire military installation. During that time, PRIDE has successfully undertaken several major reconstruction projects on base, including replacing large air handlers, xeriscaping the grounds with drought-resistant flora, and performing critical safety upgrades to the base pool and child development center. So it’s no surprise that when Air Force leadership decided to repair and upgrade the base gas station, they relied once again on PRIDE’S expertise.

The Numbers

$1 million

Estimated savings in fines, penalties, and future repair


Compliance with UST safety requirements


Outstanding actions to perform after 2020 inspection


The Los Angeles Air Force Base, Space, and Missile Systems Center is a major federal military installation that spans six locations: the Los Angeles Air Force Base in El Segundo, Calif.; Fort MacArthur, Pacific Heights and Pacific Crest in San Pedro, Calif.; Camp Parks Communication Annex in Dublin, Calif.; and the Defense Contract Maintenance Agency in Carson, Calif. In total, the base encompasses 210 acres, 1.4 million square feet, and 5,200 military personnel.

The Challenge


In 2018, the LAAFB gas station received a Notice of Violation from the California State Water Resources Control Board. Given the safety and regulatory implications, base leadership acted quickly, calling on PRIDE to take on the project of bringing the facility up to code. After a thorough inspection of the gas station, PRIDE’s environmental team discovered several problems that needed to be rectified, including the following:

  • Crucial sensors had been improperly installed. A few had been overridden or rigged to report false results.
  • Records were not properly managed: alarms were not always recorded, corrective actions weren’t always documented, and at least one mechanism was providing faulty readings.
  • The sumps were accumulating liquid from an unidentified source.
  • The tanks were experiencing fuel and brine loss from an unknown cause.

The PRIDE Solution:

PRIDE employees quickly drew up a repair plan that prioritized critical safety mechanisms. Then the team vetted, hired, and managed a qualified subcontractor to implement the repairs, which included the following actions:

  • Several sensors were replaced.
  • An extensive network of damaged wiring was removed and replaced.
  • Rubber matting was added to maintenance hole covers, stopping the seepage of surface water into the tanks during heavy rain.
  • New gaskets were installed to render tanks airtight.
  • Flex hoses were replaced, eliminating fuel leakage.

In addition to repairing the gas station and bringing its operation up to code, PRIDE also implemented a thorough recordkeeping system and trained staff on proper procedures.

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“PRIDE Industries worked diligently on this project for months. In that short time, they completely updated and modernized this critical piece of infrastructure. The perfect inspection result is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the PRIDE employees involved.”

Captain Nicholas Arellano, Los Angeles Air Force Base

The Results

After PRIDE completed the repairs and necessary upgrades to the gas station, the facility was once again inspected by the California State Water Board. And for the first time in over four years, the regulatory inspection resulted in zero findings. All machinery was found to be functioning according to specification, and the related maintenance records were deemed to be properly and thoroughly maintained. The gas station at Los Angeles Air Force Base is now fully operational, expertly maintained, and safe for consumers and employees alike.