PRIDE Industries and Avanos

When Avanos needed contract electronics manufacturing, fulfillment, distribution, and supply chain support for its Game Ready® GRPro® 2.1 portable therapy solution, the company turned to PRIDE Industries. Learn how the PRIDE Industries solution not only secured the necessary medical certificate, but also increased the quality, flexibility, and cost savings for Avanos’ manufacturing needs.

The Numbers

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Avanos is a medical device company focused on delivering clinically superior breakthrough solutions that help patients get back to the things that matter. They develop, manufacture, and market recognized brands in more than 90 countries. They produce Game Ready® 2.1 Injury Treatment System, an innovative offering that uses cold and compression therapies to help athletes and others recover faster from injuries. Game Ready devices are widely used in collegiate and professional sports, including the NFL, NBA and MLS.

The Challenge

Avanos needed a partner to manufacture and manage all aspects of the supply chain for Game Ready® 2.1. The team wanted a cost-effective, flexible solution that could adjust and grow with increased product demand. Developing a true partnership—one that allowed the vendor and company to work seamlessly to anticipate and respond to fluctuating market demand—was vital.

The PRIDE Solution

Once on board, PRIDE Industries engaged all internal departments to participate in the start-up. The team obtained the ISO13485 medical certificate, a huge hurdle. Then PRIDE Industries’ engineering team, in partnership with other internal support groups, developed a collaborative process to ensure on-time delivery and cost savings.

Central to the solution is a work cell located at PRIDE Industries’ headquarters in Roseville, California. It operates daily with 22 dedicated employees to build Game Ready® 2.1 devices. Tracking software and weekly meetings enable the team to anticipate spikes or drops in orders to prepare materials and labor.

“PRIDE Industries has been a reliable business partner for Avanos for several years. The team at PRIDE remains in constant communication to ensure successful production of our Game Ready 2.1, and they consistently deliver quality results. We trust PRIDE Industries and we look forward to continuing to work with them as our business grows.”
Terri Ross, Game Ready Supply Chain Manager

The Result

  • Avanos Medical has credited PRIDE Industries for its flexibility, which is crucial for a product with volatile sales swings connected to sports seasons.
  • PRIDE Industries has optimized on-time delivery, increasing customer satisfaction.
  • PRIDE Industries and Avanos have built a strong partnership—one where they collaborate seamlessly to predict and adjust to market swings.
  • Avanos is so pleased with the results of Game Ready that they recently awarded PRIDE Industries a contract to manufacture their next-generation device.
  • Through this project, PRIDE Industries has created 22 jobs for people with disabilities.

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