One PRIDE Coronavirus Update


April 6, 2020



While our country confronts the ongoing challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic, I understand that many of our team members have questions and needs. The power of PRIDE is that we stand together in times of change and uncertainty. Our leadership team is here to support you.

To assist with urgent needs, PRIDE is applying for various emergency grants to raise funds to support our team members. If you have a request, please contact the Human Resources team during business hours at (800) 550-6005.

PRIDE also offers the following free resources for you through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Call 1-800-424-4485 or go to the Magellan website at

• Free counseling (phone and video call…8 sessions)
• Free financial coaching
• Free legal assistance
• Free community and social services resources (

PRIDE is an essential services provider to our customers across all lines of business. Our customers have been very supportive to ensure continuity of services. PRIDE’s leadership team is working diligently to protect all PRIDE team members with best practices in safety and partnering with customers to minimize potential exposures. THANK YOU to all PRIDE team members who are working and following PRIDE safety practices.

Each of us has the power to practice social distancing and proper hygiene both at home and at work. By doing so, you are acting responsibly for yourself, your family, and other PRIDE team members. There are three things everyone can do to help us all stay safe.

1. Shelter in Place: Stay home except for going to the grocery store, pharmacy, work, or for exercise. This is a critical time in our country’s fight against COVID-19 to avoid in-person social gatherings of any type. For my family, this means we are not even having visitors or friends over to our home.
2. Self-Monitor: If you don’t feel well or you’ve been exposed to someone who has symptoms, please stay home, contact your doctor, and notify your manager and HR representative.
3. Social Distancing: In public and at work, maintain 6 feet apart from others. If this is not possible, maintain as much distance as possible and wear a face mask. This video from U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams shows how to make a homemade mask. PRIDE safety policy requires personal protective equipment (PPE) such as a surgical mask or N95 mask in certain work areas/ conditions. Please consult your manager and safety representative.

To keep a balanced perspective, I invite you to share and celebrate examples of positive experiences during this challenging time. Please go to, click on the big red rectangle “Click Here to Contact Jeff Dern”, and send a quick note and any/or picture you’d like to share with our PRIDE family such as examples of teamwork, proper safety practices, or an act of kindness.

Thank you for all you do for PRIDE’s mission to create jobs for people with disabilities. Together, as One PRIDE we will get through this difficult time.