PRIDE Industries knows how important it is to understand the industries it serves. We are confident that our deep knowledge of what you do will help us deliver better services and solutions. Throughout our 50-year history, we have developed expertise in the following industries, and we make it a priority to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in each.


PRIDE Industries is committed to providing a positive experience for travelers through an array of support services, including 24/7 janitorial support, passenger boarding bridges, aircraft cabin cleaning, terrazzo floor maintenance, tile and grout restoration, carpet and upholstery cleaning, porter services, ice melt application, snow removal, mechanical sweeping, escalator services, pressure washing, parking lot and garage services, window cleaning, artwork cleaning, recycling services and emergency response.  All of our services are anchored in our unique First-Class Customer Service training program.

Public Services

PRIDE Industries provides services to public institutions that serve their communities, including libraries, courthouses, community centers, fleet maintenance, health services, police, sheriff, recreation, public works, youth, and senior centers, parking lots, detention centers and water treatment facilities. We provide green cleaning services for a multitude of facility services, including all-surface floor care, window cleaning, pressure washing, porter and event services, construction cleaning, and data center cleaning.


With more than three decades of service expertise, we maintain 12,000 buildings across the nation, encompassing 3 million acres of land and more than 78.7 million square feet of facilities. More than 40 million of those square feet are LEED-compliant, including some with LEED Platinum certification. We serve public and private sector institutional, industrial, high-tech and secure facilities space.


For 10+ years PRIDE Industries has maintained 1.7M square feet of campus space at multiple locations. We ensure environmentally friendly practices are used in the diverse facilities on campus, including classrooms, instructor offices, general offices, cafeterias, kitchens, laboratories, theaters, coffee houses, stadiums, indoor running tracks, locker rooms, gymnasiums, clinics, dormitories, libraries, and retail spaces.

Government Services

Maintaining service contracts with the Department of Defense for more than 30 years, PRIDE is unique in its employment focus. Work on our military contracts provides a supportive and familiar environment for veterans returning from service and re-entering the workforce. We offer an array of federal market sector services including, large-scale public works, Base Operating Support Services (BOSS), Total Facilities Management (TFM), environmental and custodial services, supply chain management services, shipboard provisioning and roads, and grounds.

Environmental Healthcare

By providing efficient, compliant, and cost effective Environmental Services (EVS) with exceptional customer service, PRIDE Industries provides a proven expertise in hospital and ambulatory care environments. PRIDE Industries demonstrates an innovative approach with site-specific cleaning protocols, industry-recognized infection control methods, quality and performance measurements that drive process improvement. As an active member of the Association of Healthcare Environment (AHE) and International Executive Housekeepers Association (IEHA), PRIDE’s management team stays at the forefront of industry changes, technology, and vocational training.


PRIDE Industries is ISO 9001:2015 certified,  ISO 13485:2016 certified and California licensed for Medical Device manufacturing and distribution.  We provide contract manufacturing and distribution services for Class I and Class II Medical Devices. Our technology solutions and processes identify and provide full product traceability and Device History Records. Whether you need sub-assemblies or complete product integration, we can help.


We provide contract packaging, co-packing, kitting and fulfillment solutions for retail and wholesale companies worldwide. We are FDA Food-Site Registered, CA Processed Food Registered, CA Organic Processed Food Registered and are a Food Safety Certified Facility (HACCP). Our technology solutions and processes provide complete trackability including, lot/batch control, FIFO, FIFE, expiration management, and EDI order processing.