PRIDE and Peet’s Coffee & Mighty Leaf Tea

When Mighty Leaf Tea sought a responsible, capable partner to package their teas for retail distribution, they chose PRIDE Industries. PRIDE’s expertise in fulfillment, including its existing infrastructure to support Mighty Leaf Tea’s logistical needs and requirements, helped PRIDE secure the project. PRIDE’s commitment to creating jobs for people with disabilities also aligned with Mighty Leaf Tea’s commitment to social responsibility and giving back to the community.


The Numbers


tea bags PRIDE Industries packages in a year


GMP audit score

nearly 100%

of the staff for this project are people with disabilities

Peet's & Mighty Leaf Tea

Mighty Leaf Tea, which was recently acquired by Peet’s Coffee, was founded in 1996 in San Francisco. The company is a leading distributor of fair trade, high quality whole leaf teas nationwide, and is committed to social responsibility.

The Challenge

The retail market sees regular fluctuations in demand, and Mighty Leaf Tea needed a partner that could be flexible and respond quickly to these changes to ensure seamless ramping up and down based on supply needs, while still maintaining the quality of packing and distribution.


The PRIDE Solution

With the right processes and capabilities already in place, PRIDE was able to quickly implement a process to hand-pack and distribute Mighty Leaf Teas. To ensure quality, PRIDE introduced fixtures to maintain counting accuracy and uses both a standard and automated conveyor. PRIDE also communicates often with the customer about schedules and forecasts to understand demand and deliver the necessary results.

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“We truly value the work that PRIDE Industries does for Peet’s Coffee and Mighty Leaf Tea. The team’s ability to be flexible and respond quickly to the changes in retail demand is superb!”

Peet's Coffee

The Results

  • Enhanced reactions to up-and-down demands and schedules.
  • Improved delivery time of orders and products.


  • Extremely low error rate and extremely high accuracy rate in packaging thanks to hand-packing.
  • Almost 100% of the staff for this project are individuals with disabilities.