PRIDE and Lotus Foods

Lotus Foods produces a variety of rice products in a range of flavors, and demand for the company’s products is steadily growing. In 2015, Lotus selected PRIDE Industries to manage its supply chain and product assembly for the U.S. and Canada. PRIDE was chosen, in large part, because of its mission to create jobs for people with disabilities – an effort that Lotus Foods values, especially given its own altruistic mission.

The Numbers


increase in volume handled


pallets packed and shipped per day, without incident

3 weeks

time it took PRIDE to develop and implement a new process for Lotus Foods


of the staff are people with disabilities

Lotus Foods

Lotus Foods, located in Richmond, Calif., is a maker of organic rice products distributed throughout the U.S. and Canada. Like PRIDE Industries, Lotus has a special mission. The company is committed to helping family farms worldwide to grow rice in a way that respects the local water supply, soil, and communities. Lotus’ business practices have helped more than 5,000 family farms achieve a higher income. The company is also committed to sustainability, using 500 million fewer gallons of water to grow rice than other producers, and reducing methane gas from rice paddies by 40 percent.

The Challenge

Lotus Foods is a supplier to major brands and retailers, including Costco. Also, a growing company, Costco was seeing a higher demand for Lotus products at stores nationwide and wanted to purchase more inventory. Lotus Foods approached the PRIDE team to see if it was possible for PRIDE to increase its volume to package and ship 90 pallets of material each day from its warehouse to Costco’s hub.

The PRIDE Solution

Lotus had complete confidence in PRIDE to develop a plan of action. After bringing together all departments to evaluate the situation and outline a potential process, the PRIDE team determined that it would be possible to fulfill the forecasted increase in volume. With a special process outlined for each PRIDE employee, including account management, shipping, receiving, production and facilities, the team set to work to produce 90 pallets a day.

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“Pride Industries is by far one of our best working partners. Over the past 3 years Lotus Foods has grown considerably as a company and that growth was largely made possible by Pride’s ability to meet our ever-increasing demand. Their flexibility, excellent customer service and attention to detail has made them a pleasure to work with. Their mission driven values makes me proud to call them a partner. ”

Keith Wilson, Manager of Supply Chain at Lotus Foods

The Results

It took just three weeks from development of the initial plan for PRIDE to begin implementing the new process. PRIDE has proven it can produce 90 pallets in a day and ship them without incident. The team at Lotus Foods is extremely pleased with PRIDE’s progress and intends to continue growing with PRIDE as a business partner.

Now, Lotus Foods can confidently take on as many additional orders as needed from Costco, knowing they can fulfill the demand for their products with PRIDE’s help. Even better is the collaboration between two companies that are making a difference in communities around the globe.