PRIDE and Los Angeles Air Force Base

For many years, the L.A. Air Force base would cycle through operations and maintenance contractors every three to five years due to mediocre performance. PRIDE Industries was brought on in 2007 to manage facilities for the entire base, and because of its exceptional performance, has been present at the base ever since. PRIDE’s efforts include everything from simple building maintenance to major reconstruction projects.

The Numbers


completion rate for preventive maintenance year-over-year


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L.A. Air Force Base

The Los Angeles Air Force Base, Space, and Missile Systems Center is a major federal military installation that spans six locations: the Los Angeles Air Force Base in El Segundo, Calif.; Fort MacArthur, Pacific Heights and Pacific Crest in San Pedro, Calif; Camp Parks Communication Annex in Dublin, Calif.; and the Defense Contract Maintenance Agency in Carson, Calif. In total, the base encompasses 210 acres, 1.4 million square feet, and 5,200 military personnel.

The Challenge

When PRIDE came to the base, there were a number of challenges throughout all three base locations. An overarching concern was a lack of efficiency and proactivity in dealing with repairs and maintenance.

Some of the specific challenges at the time included:

  • Large air handlers being used in the main complex were not rated for coastal weather. They were rusted and corroded, which caused numerous outages.
  • Landscaping on base was not drought-tolerant and demanded large quantities of water, which did not work when the state was amid one of the worst droughts in California history.
  • The base pool was often closed due to problems, frustrating base personnel and guests.
  • Tiny gravel on the grounds of the Child Development Center on base was considered a choking hazard and needed to be replaced.

The PRIDE Solution

PRIDE acted quickly to address these issues, and others, as efficiently as possible. Utilizing subject matter experts, PRIDE developed the following solutions:

  • The team replaced the rusted air handlers with updated models that were designed to withstand local conditions.
  • PRIDE’s grounds team conducted a year-long xeriscaping project, replacing green areas with desert-friendly flora.
  • PRIDE identified a subject matter expert to treat the pool and address existing concerns.
  • The gravel around the Child Development Center was replaced with large stones that children could not choke on.

In addition to completing each project, PRIDE developed a vibration analysis program and an ongoing preventive maintenance schedule that included weekly, monthly and annual checks to ensure no major lapses in maintenance would occur.

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“PRIDE Industries is a true partner of the Los Angeles Air Force Base. Their team works hard for the Air Force on a daily basis. Their dedication to the Preventative Maintenance program at LA has saved a taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. I appreciate the PRIDE team and their dedication to our mission at LA Air Force Base.”

Deputy Base Civil Engineer, LA AFB

The Results

The work PRIDE performed led to increased comfort, control and confidence in the base – and since then the Air Force has shown complete trust in PRIDE’s ability. Air Force commanders who have moved on from L.A. Air Force Base continue to recommend PRIDE in other places.

Specific results include:

  • New air handlers perform well, with only rare, minor issues that can be addressed the same day.
  • The new landscaping is both aesthetically pleasing and manageable and helps the base continually conserve water in a drought-prone state.
  • The work PRIDE performed on the pool saved an estimated $70,000 in future repair costs, and programs are now available for families on base.