PRIDE and Fort Rucker Army Installation

PRIDE Industries was hired to perform repair and maintenance for facilities at Fort Rucker in 2013. Fort Rucker had a specified contract for ground maintenance which lapsed. PRIDE’s direct customer, the Department of Public Works for Fort Rucker, asked PRIDE to step in to provide grass cutting services as directed by the government to fill in the gap.

The Numbers


acres of grass requiring maintenance

3 weeks

total time of plan development and implementation


total PRIDE employees on base

Fort Rucker Army Installation

The Fort Rucker Army Installation, located in southern Alabama, serves as a primary training base for Army Aviation. The base is also the site of the United States Army Aviation Center of Excellence and the United States Army Aviation Museum.

The Challenge

Well-maintained grass is crucial for safe flight training at Fort Rucker in areas such as ranges, airfields, and stage fields. Grass cutting season in Alabama begins in March, and PRIDE was asked to start performing grass maintenance in April – so the need was urgent. Without equipment in place, and with more than 4,000 acres of land that required grass cutting, PRIDE had to act quickly to respond to the customer’s need.

It was imperative that the Department of Public Works and Garrison command find an alternate, temporary solution until they could award a new contract for grounds maintenance.


The PRIDE Solution

The PRIDE team, which consists of about 120 employees, developed a plan to support the increased landscape effort at Fort Rucker. The team used available equipment, obtained industrial lawn mowing equipment and subcontracted with local vendors to make sure the work would get done.

Once equipment and team members were in place, PRIDE established a clear, multi-prong approach of work assignments. The grounds were divided into sections, with each subcontractor assigned to a part. PRIDE distributed detailed maps of work areas and set up a monthly cutting plan. Progress reports were collected daily to make any necessary adjustments.

PRIDE kept the Department of Public Works and the Garrison command apprised of progress, problems, and priorities to ensure open transparent communication. This open communication allowed the team to have the support they needed to deliver quality results.

Quote icon

“PRIDE consistently performs all aspects of the contract at high standards. In addition, PRIDE is focused on the Fort Rucker mission and is adaptable to our changing needs. As an example, DPW has been without Grounds Maintenance contracts several years as well as JOC contracts most of the year. PRIDE has gone the extra mile to help DPW fill in the gaps left by these vital DPW resources. Fort Rucker would recommend PRIDE to any other installation needing BASOPS services. ”

Fort Rucker Government Customer

The Results

  • PRIDE developed and implemented a grass maintenance plan approximately three weeks after the request was made.
  • Timely grass removal made it possible to maintain training missions at Fort Rucker.
  • Aircraft had the visibility they needed to land because space was not impeded with tall grass.
  • Soldiers and civilians were able to go about their daily business in cantonment areas.