Work at User Research International

User Research International (URI) is a member of the PRIDE Industries employer network. They share our belief that a diverse workforce is a highly productive one.

Why Join URI?

URI’s team is ambitious, eclectic, and dedicated to your growth. Discover an inclusive environment that supports professional development and work-life balance, so you can perform your best and meet your career goals.  

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

URI values every employee. They cultivate talent, believe in equal opportunity, and actively support your professional growth. “Our greatest strength as a team and a company comes from respecting our employees’ diverse backgrounds and experiences while promoting healthy work-life balance.”

Company Values:

Research Matters
Decisions informed by data-backed observations

Quality Matters
Expert insights from domain knowledge and precision methods

Experience Matters
Creating an outstanding experience for the consumer

Featured Jobs

Become a User Tester

Become a user tester for our network of employment partners. These are opportunities for people with disabilities to conduct user testing on products through short-term contracts.
Job Location:
Remote Opportunities