Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

PRIDE Industries was founded in the belief that each person deserves care and recognition for their unique abilities, needs, and contributions. We believe that all people have talent, and that when people of all abilities know they are respected and have an opportunity to contribute, they can reach their full potential. We are passionate about building and sustaining a safe, diverse, and equitable workplace for all employees.

Employee Empowerment

Our people drive PRIDE Industries’ diversity and inclusion initiatives. Below are some initiatives that bring our culture to life.

Diversity Advisory Council (DAC)

Our DAC’s mission is to advise and provide recommendations to PRIDE Industries’ Senior Executive Team to help plan, develop, implement, improve, and refine strategies toward meaningful diversity and inclusion efforts and initiatives related to all employees.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

ERGs foster awareness, respect, and inclusion within PRIDE Industries. They support business initiatives and act as a collective voice around shared issues or concerns, promoting an inclusive, respectful workplace, and finding topics specific to a diverse community’s needs within the organization. Our ERGs are important for providing employee opportunities for development, education, training, recruitment, retention, business outreach, and development.

PRIDE Industries’ ERG Groups

Black Employee Network (BEN) ERG

Our B.E.N. ERG conducts activities to attract, retain, empower, and inspire African-American employees. The team hosts networking events to bring employees together to build professional relationships and promote cultural awareness about African-American/Black cultures, customs, studies and contributions to America.

Millennial ERG

The Millennial ERG seeks to encourage understanding and growth across all generations at PRIDE Industries. The team explores their journey of self as well as professional and socio-cultural identity development through coaching, mentorship, and professional training.

People of Possibilities (POP) ERG

Our P.O.P. ERG discusses career development, policies, and business processes that affect people with disabilities. They strive to raise awareness about the strength in hiring and retaining people of diverse abilities and to identify market opportunities for products and services.

Professional Women's Network & Friends ERG

Our Women’s ERG is focused on networking and mentorship to increase the number of women in management and in trades through recruitment, training, and promotion.

Veterans ERG

The Veterans ERG recruits veterans through outreach and educational activities and provides a support structure, education, and career progression assistance. They plan activities to honor military services, and offer welcome, mentorship, and Buddy Check 22 programs.

PRIDE Industries' Diversity and Inclusion Vision Statement

PRIDE Industries fosters an empowered, diverse, and inclusive workplace where employees are an integral part of the organization and work collaboratively with leaders and other groups to achieve the company’s mission, values, goals, and objectives.