Customer Communication for Contracting Activity Personnel


March 13, 2020


Dear Contracting Activity Personnel,

Given the Coronavirus emergency, as your contract provider, I want to ensure we maintain open lines of communication so that your PRIDE service team continues to meet your service requirements and can quickly adjust to any necessary changes.

Please be aware that we have a plan in place to ensure your services remain up and running while we endeavor to maintain the required service and productivity levels.

Should a PRIDE employee at your site display symptoms of COVID-19 infection, we will send that employee home, immediately notify you and the proper county health officials.

If one of your employees displays symptoms of COVID-19 infection, please notify Don Nelson, Vice President, Government Facilities Services, at or via cell phone (310) 597-3396 or office phone at (916) 788-2366, so that we may inform our PRIDE employees who may have been exposed.

During this time, PRIDE has undertaken the following actions to minimize disruption to your services:

• We are in the process of implementing “social distancing” among our employees to reduce the likelihood of COVID-19 infection. This process may include staggering work start and end times and adjusting schedules as needed. Please note that we will make every effort to maintain consistent productivity levels while taking this necessary precaution.

• In the event that your site closes its day-to-day operations, we will work with you to identify and inform mission-essential PRIDE personnel who must remain at your worksite.

• Should a mission-essential PRIDE employee become ill, we are creating an order of succession with accompanying authorities to meet our requirements for your work site.

• All PRIDE employees have received instruction on hand washing techniques and other techniques to avoid the spread of infection.

• We have restricted all PRIDE employee business travel and are encouraging employees to avoid gatherings of 50 or more people.

• If PRIDE employees need to see a healthcare provider for non-urgent care or advice, we have encouraged them to use our telehealth system, which includes doctors’ appointments conducted over the phone, email, or video that do not require an in-person visit.

You and your team depend on PRIDE, and we take that responsibility seriously. We welcome any further discussion to ensure that we continue to meet your requirements during this emergency situation.