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Bunk Trunk

PRIDE Industries helps BunkTrunk® build storage products for college-bound students.

BunkTrunk® is an innovative company founded by two San Diego entrepreneurs who developed a unique storage system which easily fit in dorm rooms to keep the belongings of college students safe.


When Guy Plouffe‘s daughter entered college, she quickly became concerned about storing her laptop and other valuable items when she was away from her dorm room. Regular safes were too big, heavy, and expensive to be considered an option, especially for the typical college student on a budget.


Guy quickly thought of a solution. He developed a lightweight storage compartment which attaches to dorm room beds and locks securely. His daughter’s roommate loved it as well, and Guy made another one for her. The concept for BunkTrunk® was then created.


Guy had reached the first step in his business plan, creating a unique storage system that would meet the needs of countless college students. Executing the rest of the plan, however, proved more difficult. The expense of raw materials, as well as skyrocketing labor costs, created major obstacles. But Guy didn’t find the talent he needed. So, he decided to turn to PRIDE Industries.

After reviewing a step-by-step video on how to put these trunks together, our manufacturing experts determined that our team members with disabilities could assemble the trunks.

And they were right.

PRIDE Industries’ employees mount the hinges, install the doors, conduct quality assessments, and package the final Bunk Trunk for shipping. Thanks to the work of PRIDE Industries’ inclusive team, about 30-45 Bunk Trunks are shipped every week—all over the United States.

“They have incredible attention to detail,” says Darla Reed, Co-Owner of BunkTrunk®.

As of today, thousands of the trunks have been sold to students all over the country. And, the price point of the BunkTrunk® hovers around $300—perfectly affordable for the college market.

Services Provided

  • Building, mounting, and packaging
  • Packaging and shipping
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“So many people have gifts to give, including people with disabilities. We are proud to create opportunities and partner with PRIDE Industries to help reduce the stress for college students and their parents.”

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