Case Manager and Rehabilitation Contacts

for PRIDE Employees Receiving Services and for those with Disabilities on Federal and Commercial Contracts

During this unprecedented time, PRIDE employees receiving services, and their caregivers, may have questions about their employment status, social security benefits, and other pressing issues. Below is a list of PRIDE Industries’ case managers and rehabilitation counselors/HR contacts listed alphabetically by contract/location. We encourage you to reach out to your Case Manager or Rehabilitation Counselor for guidance.

Alternatively, you may call the PRIDE Case Manager Helpline at (877) 242-4928.

Name Title Contracts/Location Phone number Cell Number Email Address 
Gary Epps Case Manager Auburn / Grass Valley 530-888-0331 530-477-1832 GV
Sa’Cora Goodin Rehabilitation Counselor Central California Region 805-814-4098 sa’
Dannell Merritt Case Manager Fairfield 707-399-3601 707-451-4040
Gilda James-Conley Case Manager Fairfield 707-399-3601
Rita Morrison Case Manager Fairfield 707-399-3601 707-688-6004
Shannon Bloxham Rehabilitation Counselor Fort Bliss 915-726-3600
Stephany Marshall Rehabilitation Counselor Fort Rucker 334-255-2117 334-379-1957
Lisa Clark Case Manager Grass Valley 430-477-1832
Marianne Sippel Case Manager Grass Valley 530-477-1832
Kim DeVivo Rehabilitation Counselor Los Angeles Air Force Base 310-386-8579
Evelyne Oros Rehabilitation Counselor NBVC/TASA/March AFB 805-276-0922
Samantha Gralla Rehabilitation Counselor New Jersey, JB-MDL 609-286-3851
Ashley Bridge Case Manager Roseville 916-277-8954 916-532-3884
Janelle Flolo Case Manager Roseville 916-277-8853 916-532-1606
Michelle Czinder Case Manager Roseville 916-788-2100 916-277-8951
Shauna Frost Case Manager Roseville 916-788-2147 916-532-9358
Stephanie Hill Case Manager Roseville 916-788-2283 916-532-6113
Veronica Green Case Manager Roseville 916-788-2277 916-532-6653
Christine Schau Referral Program Coordinator Roseville Corporate HR 916-788-2225 916-216-1339
Frank Goehringer Veterans Laison Roseville Corporate HR 916-788-2137 916-225-7951
Tameka Rich HR Case Manager Roseville Corporate HR 916-788-2163 916-200-8935
Erika Ballard Case Manager Sacramento 916-207-9517 916-207-9517
Hilda Hinojosa Case Manager Sacramento 916-649-9499 916-663-8636
Jewel Melton Case Manager Sacramento 916-277-8957 530-491-1301
Georgia Raney Case Manager Sacramento, North 916-235-0100
Peggy McGrath Case Manager Sacramento, North 916-235-0100 916-417-9233
Shannise Stevenson Case Manager Sacramento, North 916-417-9809
Cinda McKee Case Manager Sacramento, South 916-383-5560
Robin Yniguez Case Manager Sacramento, South 916-383-5560
Valerie Seldon Case Manager Sacramento, South 916-383-5560 916-899-8726
Eric Wilberg Case Manager Sacramento/Roseville 916-788-2140 916-532-9153
Tania Solis HR Case Manager Stockton, CDCR 916-870-0703
Cara Switzer Case Manager Yuba City 530-755-1736 916-649-9499
Tanzie Flocchini Case Manager Yuba City 530-755-1736