Alan McMillan

Chief Information Officer

As chief information officer, Alan McMillan oversees PRIDE Industries’ information technology team and is responsible for the design, delivery, and implementation of technology strategies. PRIDE’s IT team evaluates, negotiates and recommends IT services and platforms; ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and policies while driving competitive advantage.

McMillan joined PRIDE in 2013. He has over 30 years of experience in technology infrastructure, software development, and ERP installation in the retail, manufacturing, distribution, insurance, and medical industries.

Before PRIDE, McMillan spent more than 27 years at Raley’s Supermarkets specializing in a wide range of technologies. Before that, he spent several years working for Hills Brothers Coffee in San Francisco.

When the opportunity to join PRIDE came about, McMillan was thrilled. Initially, McMillan learned about PRIDE while enrolled in an executive training program at California State University, Sacramento.  It was there that McMillan had the opportunity to hear Michael Ziegler speak about PRIDE. A week later, he witnessed “the power of purpose” while touring PRIDE’s headquarters with classmates.

A native New Zealander, McMillan permanently relocated to California in 1985. He attended the Waikato Institute of Technology where he gained his training and education in technology, economics, and accounting.