Hard Work and Dedication at LAAFB

Integrated Facilities Management

Following an overhaul of the central courtyard on the Los Angles Air Force Base (LAAFB), Raul Alvarez, a rising star on the PRIDE Industries Grounds team, was recognized with a challenge coin, a U.S. military tradition used to recognize a special achievement or boost morale, by Lt. Col. Little for his crucial part in the continued beautification of the site.

Raul joined PRIDE’s Integrated Facilities Management contract at LAAFB only 14 months ago. He was referred to apply by PRIDE’s Grounds Manager Nelson Osorio, who met Raul while he was working at Brightview Landscaping at the nearby Aerospace.

Since joining the team at 61 CELS, Raul has worked with the Grounds Shop and Irrigation Team, as well as helping General Maintenance Workers of various trades. His proficiency and dedication make him a go-to for training new hires and ensuring the base’s high standards are met.

Recently, the central courtyard area was experiencing many problems, including broken irrigation and dying grass that needed to be replaced. Raul helped with a project to fix these issues. In the end, the results were outstanding.

“[Lt. Col. Little] said that the base looks fantastic,” Raul says. “It’s a team effort. Everyone put in hard work to make the courtyard look its best.”

“It was a surprise [to get the coin]. It made me feel great. I was just happy, and it makes me want to work harder and prove myself. This is just the first opportunity, and each year you’ve got to get better. I enjoy the chance to continue learning with PRIDE Industries and plan to work towards a supervisory role.”

We appreciate Raul’s hard work and dedication towards LAAFB. Our employees like him help PRIDE provide excellent service in helping our customers reach their goals.