Dan Robin

Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

“Growing up with a family member with a disability, I’ve long been aware of the issues surrounding employment, accommodation, and productivity. For me, the positive impact PRIDE Industries makes is personally rewarding.”

Expanding the Workforce

Dan leads strategic partnership development for Inclusive Talent Solutions (ITS), which provides recruitment, training, coaching, and ongoing support for employees of all abilities. ITS makes it possible for companies to immediately boost and sustain their inclusive employment program metrics. In his role, Dan forges new partnerships with businesses looking to drive bottom-line growth using PRIDE’s proprietary talent acquisition and retention services. He also oversees the development and expansion of our employee training and coaching programs, ensuring that they meet the needs of PRIDE Industries’ corporate partners.

Transformative Expertise

Before joining PRIDE Industries, Dan was the first Global Leader for Amazon’s Alternative/All Abilities Workforce Strategy team, where he was instrumental in designing an innovative and global alternative talent solutions program. The program resulted in higher workforce participation rates for people with disabilities, while achieving better-than-average productivity and retention rates. By working with company leaders to prioritize and invest in normalizing employee differences, Dan contributed to systemic change across Amazon, and led the company’s evolution in the disability space. He has also worked on both state and federal policy in the disability space.

Invention and Insight

Dan’s multiple degrees include a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Master of Social Work. He has also completed MBA-level coursework at the University of Michigan, which presented him with the Distinguished Alumni Award in 2019. An accomplished inventor, Dan has two patents pending, one for a robotic wheelchair, the other for an automatic tote feed. When his brain needs a rest, Dan enjoys running, biking, swimming, and hiking.

Our Mission Matters to Me

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