Community Employment Success

We believe that people with disabilities should be afforded the same opportunity that every American enjoys according to their aspirations, goals, and skills. Through employment people with disabilities gain a sense of purpose, dignity, inclusion, and lead more self-sufficient lives – whether that employment is with PRIDE Industries or in the community. Through expert assessments, training, job preparation, placement and on-going support services, PRIDE Industries supported more than 500 individuals in community employment last year. Here are just a few of their stories.

Photo of Alice“One of the greatest things that I love about working is that I am a productive part of society,” Alice tells us. “But most of all, I love working with young children because of their natural honesty and curiosity." Read More

Employment connects people with disabilities to their communities and leads to greater independence.  George tells us that his favorite part is “having my own money, and affording my own living situation.” Read More

photo of BrianEmployment creates a foundation for self-sufficiency. Thus, it is at the center of our work at PRIDE Industries. “I started working with PRIDE right after my grandfather died,” says Brian. “I was going through a hard time and trying to get back on my feet.” Read More